3 Best Legal Streaming Apps of 2019

Television is not going away anytime soon, but it’s clear that more and more people are switching to the Internet. So even if they may use the TV to view their favorite series and movies, they aren’t necessarily relying on cable channels. Here are the best legal streaming apps with no pirated content whatsoever.

1) Kodi

Looking for a free way to stream all your multimedia content? Kodi is an open-source project that works on a variety of platforms such as Linux, Android, Windows, and even Raspberry Pi. And it’s not just your favorite TV shows and movies — you can also browse photos and music on Kodi.

There’s no way you’ll run out of old and new shows to watch. You can even install Netflix on Kodi. “Should I use a VPN for Kodi?” Of course. This keeps your ISP from snooping in on your streaming habits and gives you access to geo-restricted content.

There are add-ons that you can try out, but note that not all of them are guaranteed to show only legal content. Still, you can utilize great add-ons such as SoundCloud, PS Vue, Crackle, and Plex. It’s like having a bunch of streaming apps contained in a single one; that’s how useful Kodi is.

2) YouTube TV

One of the best things about this streaming app is that there is no limit to how much content you can record. And if you utilize the Cloud DVR, you’ll have all the storage need. With this app, you get access to beloved TV networks such as NBC, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and ESPN.

The easiest way to browse content using YouTube TV is through a tablet, but you can also use it on your TV. One issue with it is that it’s not available worldwide; it’s currently only in the United States. Likewise, it would have been so much better if the app gave access to HBO, which is where Game of Thrones is.

3) Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is already a phenomenal streaming service competing with the likes of Netflix and Amazon, but it also gives you access to TV content. If you subscribe to this, you get the best of both worlds. You can watch Hulu original content like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock and content from Fox and CBS. However, the interface could use a bit of improving, and Hulu should consider adding more TV channels.

It’s clear that even the best streaming apps have their own limitations — but they excel in many aspects. Choose the one that suits your preferences and your budget.

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